Chickens in winter, 2019 | Little Red Farmstead

Winter at Last?

Chickens in winter, 2019 | Little Red Farmstead

This winter has been a strange one. Normally in our area, we should have had FEET of snow by this time. (Last year, a single snowstorm at Christmas time dumped seven feet on us.) This year, we’ve had mostly wind and lots of rain. Today is the first day in quite some time that we’re seeing significant snowfall. I think they’re calling for about a foot, but I guess we’ll see.

I had joked up to this point that the reason we have had such a mild winter is because we spent money rushing to get our snowblower repaired so we could be prepared. We have yet to use it, even once. Of course, if I could be promised that spending $150 on snowblower repairs would guarantee a mild winter every year, I think I’d budget for that expenditure annually.

So far water buckets are staying thawed and the pipes in the barn haven’t frozen. If the water stays free-flowing and I don’t have to haul buckets from the basement laundry sink outdoors, this will be the best winter on the farm yet. Here’s hoping…!

Amanda lives with her family on a little red farmstead in northwestern Pennsylvania. By day she's a web developer specializing in WordPress and in her off time she enjoys working with goats and other livestock on the farm, canning, knitting, and crocheting.