Holding Reese - Little Red Farmstead

This Week in Homesteading

Holding Reese - Little Red Farmstead

This week on our farmstead…

It’s been a great week! On Sunday, we brought home our very first dairy goats. (More on them in a post early next week!) I’m getting used to a whole new sleep schedule now, being that dairy animals, unlike chickens and rabbits, don’t like it when I want to sleep in.

Mid-week the weather took a turn from unseasonably gorgeous to lake effect snow and single-digit temperatures. It is February, after all — but YUCKThankfully I don’t think we got nearly as much snow as they were predicting.

We cooked (and enjoyed!) our first homestead-raised-and-butchered rabbit. I used this slow cooker recipe from YouTube, and I highly recommend it!

Speaking of YouTube, I started filming some videos in hopes we could start putting more content on our channel — and promptly LOST the video camera. I’m certain it’s safe and just misplaced somewhere, but I’m disappointed because it was loaded with video of our new goats to show you! Hopefully it will turn up very soon.

Our first rabbit dinner - Little Red Farmstead

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