• Jeep & trailer

    Transporting Goats

    In 2005, I was fresh out of college and bought my first car that was truly MINE — a bright orange Honda Element EX. I got a lot of side-eye when I bought my toaster-on-wheels, but it has been the most…

  • Ben at 4-H Round Up, 2017
    4-H,  Goats

    4-H Roundup and Counting Down to Fair Season

    As summer approaches its end, the busy season for 4-H begins. Now is the time the kids are perfecting their project books, fitting their animals, and honing their showmanship skills. Fair season is almost upon us. Ben has been practicing…

  • Blurry buckling photo - sorry, they're hard to photograph in low-light!

    The Bucklings are Here

    My little goat herd is complete, at least for the foreseeable future. On Tuesday evening, we drove an hour and a half to West Sunbury, Pennsylvania to get our little bucklings from Hills of Highland Farm. I wish I would…

  • Myles helping Daddy build

    Building a Buck Barn

    Exciting news–yes,  even more exciting than a new load of hay for the goatie-goats. (Though they may disagree; they were pretty psyched about the fresh hay!) We are getting a Nigerian Dwarf buck. Actually, we’re getting 2 unrelated bucks —…

  • Half gallon of fresh goat milk
    Goats,  Home Dairy

    Two Months Milking Our Goat

    Have you seen”Anne with an E” on Netflix? I recently finished the first season, and it took me right back to my childhood when I was first introduced to Anne of Green Gables. One thing I loved about this new…

  • 1801 Farmhouse

    Happy Birthday, America

    Happy birthday, good ol’ U-S-of-A. Our homestead was built in 1801, when you were just a mere 25 years old. I think she wears your colors well, don’t you?

  • Homesteading

    And then there was Sundaze Farm

    Mike and I have struggled to pick a farm name ever since we moved to our little homestead. This blog’s name, Little Red Farmstead, was fine for telling our story here or on Instagram, but once we got into raising…

  • Hanging goat cheese in butter muslin with bowl beneath to catch whey | Little Red Farmstead
    Home Dairy

    How To Make Easy Goat Cheese

    When I first envisioned owning dairy goats, getting to make homemade cheese was one of things I was most excited to try. During the first year with our two Nigerians, Reese was nursing off Candy and I never was able…