Homestead Updates, July and August 2016

Carrying Water

Why hello there, sadly neglected blog! It’s amazing how fast this summer has gone. While it’s technically not over yet, the leaves are already starting to change and hint at the fast approaching autumn. So how did we spend our summer?

Ben’s 4-H

Ben is wrapping up his first year in 4-H with the fair next week. His project was his Nigerian Dwarf goat, Reese. It’s been a huge learning experience for the whole family because neither Mike nor I did 4-H as kids. Ben seems to really enjoy it, and says he wants to keep doing it for as long as he can. He also keeps asking when Myles can join 4-H with him, which makes me a very proud Mama.

Ben's 4-H presentation

These photos were from a community service project that Ben’s 4-H group did where they introduced kids to their goats and taught them about the uses of goats in farming and how they can be fun pets, too!




It happened quite by accident — we were at a 4th of July party and an old friend of Mike’s mentioned that she needed to re-home 4 ducks. Mike was SUPER excited because he’s been wanting ducks forever. Sadly, one of the Khaki Campbell females wandered off the day after we brought them home. (The first bird we’ve ever lost on our farm!) We still have two Khaki Cambells (a male and female) and a Blue Swedish female. We have had quite an abundance of duck eggs, and I’m hoping we can hatch some ducks in the spring.


What’s Cookin’

Speaking of eggs…


WOW have we ever had LOTS of eggs this summer! No complaints there, though! We have pretty much been able to sell enough eggs to pay for the chicken and duck feed, which is nice.


I also recently got an Instant Pot and started making homemade greek yogurt in it. Homemade yogurt with honey drizzled in it is pretty much my new favorite breakfast.

Playing & Enjoying Life

Just a few more snapshots that I thought I’d share…


Ravioli, the world's most friendly rooster

Ravioli, the world's most friendly rooster


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