I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have mixed feelings on ducks.

I think Homesteady did a good job explaining on their podcast why ducks can be so infuriating. Ducklings are absolutely adorable–probably even cuter than chicks–but then they grow up to be messy adult ducks who (being waterfowl) make a muddy, mucky mess of everything.

They’re not without their positives. They lay eggs just as steadily (if not moreso) than your most prolific chickens, and their eggs are prized for baking. They also are great foragers, picking bugs and grubs out of your yard without all the scratching and damage that chickens tend to do.

In my case though, the scales are tipped because my husband and sons LOVE ducks, and being that they humor me with all the animals I drag home… who am I to say no?

Amanda lives with her family on a little red farmstead in northwestern Pennsylvania. By day she's a web developer specializing in WordPress and in her off time she enjoys working with goats and other livestock on the farm, canning, knitting, and crocheting.