• Candy out for a walk, looking majestic - Little Red Farmstead

    Our First Dairy Goats

    When I was a little girl, my Uncle Larry would take me to the Farmer’s Inn in Sigel, Pennsylvania. We’d have dinner, maybe play miniature golf, and we ALWAYS had to visit the animals. Back in the early 90s, they…

  • Holding a New Zealand doe - Little Red Farmstead

    The Healthy Meat Source No One Talks About

    Shhhh… I have a secret. We’re raising meat rabbits. I know that probably makes about 70% of you uncomfortable (or downright upset). If you browse homesteading blogs, you’ll see lots of posts about cows, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens, but…

  • Chickens

    Top 5 Questions About Backyard Chickens

    Since getting chickens four months ago, I’ve been surprised how many people ask the same questions over and over. I love talking about my chickens, but I’m by no means a chicken-expert. I can only share what I’ve read and experienced…

  • Chickens

    Chick Update: Almost 2 Weeks

    I knew chicks grow fast, but until witnessing it in person, I really had no idea HOW FAST it really goes. There have been days that I feed and water them in the morning, and when I come home after work I swear…

  • Chickens

    Meet Our Six Chicks

    For the past three weeks, I’ve been pretty much driving the employees at the feed store crazy. Nearly every day, I called to ask if the buff orpington chicks had arrived. Every time, they’d say no. I debated several times…

  • Easy, inexpensive DIY chicken brooder box | Little Red Farmstead

    Easy DIY Chicken Brooder Box

    We’re getting our first chickens this spring (!!) and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing our experiences along the way. Be sure to subscribe via RSS or email to keep up with our latest posts!  Chicken brooder boxes…