• Half gallon of fresh goat milk
    Goats,  Home Dairy

    Two Months Milking Our Goat

    Have you seen”Anne with an E” on Netflix? I recently finished the first season, and it took me right back to my childhood when I was first introduced to Anne of Green Gables. One thing I loved about this new…

  • Goats

    The Kids are Here!

    Candy kidded around 8 AM Monday morning. She had one buckling (on the left in the photo above), and one doeling (on the right). The doeling is called Maizey (or “Mae” for short, as they were born on the first…

  • Our Nigerian Dwarf, expecting kids soon! | Little Red Farmstead

    5 Ways to Know If Your Goat Will Be Kidding Soon

    As of this writing (April 26th), kid-watch 2017 continues. Every day I check on Candy multiple times (both in person and via web cam when I’m away from the house). While I’m seeing some progress, we’re still not there yet. The…

  • Ducks


    I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have mixed feelings on ducks. I think Homesteady did a good job explaining on their podcast why ducks can be so infuriating. Ducklings are absolutely adorable–probably even cuter than chicks–but then they…

  • Goats

    My Go-To Goat Resources

    It’s hard to believe but we’ve only had goats for a little over a year. (It seems like much longer!) We did a lot of research before ever bringing home our first two goats, and I’m always reading and learning…

  • Chickens

    For the Love of Chickens

    Sometimes I feel like the chickens on our farm don’t get enough attention any more. Of course, they’re well-fed and cared for, but I don’t talk about them or post as many photos as I once did. But they’re the ones…

  • Goats

    Showing Goats for 4-H at the 2016 Albion Fair

    Last week was fair week and Ben’s got to have his first experience showing his 4-H project goats at the Albion Fair. It was a long week, but he did so well and we’re all very proud of him. He…

  • Moving chicks to the brooder | Little Red Farmstead

    Our First Meat Chickens

    Over the weekend, Mike and I were talking and realized we have: (1) an extra semi-portable chicken coop, and (2) an already-fenced garden area we’re hoping to plant next year that needs to be tilled and fertilized. Inspired by my friend…