• 8 week old turkeys on grass | Little Red Farmstead

    Raising Thanksgiving Dinner

    Say hello to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Lunchmeat. (Yes. Those are their names. Excuse our oddball sense of humor.) They are eight-week-old Broad Breasted Whites and Broad Breasted Bronzes. In the last three summers on our farm, we’ve raised a variety…

  • Goats

    Just One More

    Our little yearling, Maizey, gave us a surprise blue-eyed buckling today just after noon. It was very nice of her to decide to birth her little boy on a day I was working from home, conveniently during my lunch hour.…

  • Goats

    Baby Goats, 2018

      I had intended to post this sooner, but I was exhausted. Mama goat Candy started showing signs of being ready to give birth late in the evening on March 28th: her udder was filling, her ligaments were soft, her back…

  • Chickens

    Spring Chicks

    Every year, we usually add a few hens to our laying flock, just to keep productive young hens coming up as older hens slow down their laying. This winter, we lost about 6 hens and one much-loved rooster to a…

  • Maizey, our almost-yearling doe

    Kidding Season: 2018 Preview

    I don’t know about you, but I have some serious spring fever. Northwestern Pennsylvania had a pretty harsh winter this year with record breaking snowfall.  Recent days have been mercifully milder though. Our snow has melted and temperatures are gradually climbing.…

  • Candy at the Albion Fair - Sept. 2017
    4-H,  Goats

    2017 Albion Fair, Goat Show Results & More

    This year, the Albion Fair ran from September 12-16th and it was our second year showing (read about our first year here). I was fortunate to be able to take the entire week off work so I could enjoy it…

  • Jeep & trailer

    Transporting Goats

    In 2005, I was fresh out of college and bought my first car that was truly MINE — a bright orange Honda Element EX. I got a lot of side-eye when I bought my toaster-on-wheels, but it has been the most…

  • Ben at 4-H Round Up, 2017
    4-H,  Goats

    4-H Roundup and Counting Down to Fair Season

    As summer approaches its end, the busy season for 4-H begins. Now is the time the kids are perfecting their project books, fitting their animals, and honing their showmanship skills. Fair season is almost upon us. Ben has been practicing…

  • Blurry buckling photo - sorry, they're hard to photograph in low-light!

    The Bucklings are Here

    My little goat herd is complete, at least for the foreseeable future. On Tuesday evening, we drove an hour and a half to West Sunbury, Pennsylvania to get our little bucklings from Hills of Highland Farm. I wish I would…

  • Myles helping Daddy build

    Building a Buck Barn

    Exciting news–yes,  even more exciting than a new load of hay for the goatie-goats. (Though they may disagree; they were pretty psyched about the fresh hay!) We are getting a Nigerian Dwarf buck. Actually, we’re getting 2 unrelated bucks —…