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    Simple Pulse Milker: Assembly Overview

    In my first video showing the unboxing of our Simple Pulse milker, I mentioned how intimidated I was when I ordered it. I wasn’t sure what all the parts were, and I certainly didn’t know how to put it all together and…

  • Half gallon of fresh goat milk
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    Two Months Milking Our Goat

    Have you seen”Anne with an E” on Netflix? I recently finished the first season, and it took me right back to my childhood when I was first introduced to Anne of Green Gables. One thing I loved about this new…

  • Hanging goat cheese in butter muslin with bowl beneath to catch whey | Little Red Farmstead
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    How To Make Easy Goat Cheese

    When I first envisioned owning dairy goats, getting to make homemade cheese was one of things I was most excited to try. During the first year with our two Nigerians, Reese was nursing off Candy and I never was able…