• 1801 Farmhouse

    Happy Birthday, America

    Happy birthday, good ol’ U-S-of-A. Our homestead was built in 1801, when you were just a mere 25 years old. I think she wears your colors well, don’t you?

  • Raking leaves - Little Red Farmstead
    1801 Farmhouse

    Fall Clean-Up on the Farm

    One lesson we’ve learned so far this first year on the farm is that fall yard cleanup takes a MINIMUM of three days. I plan to allocate my vacation time accordingly next year. On day one, Mike rented a walk-behind…

  • 1801 Farmhouse

    Autumn Begins on the Farm

    It’s hard to believe it’s really, officially autumn. I like it, though. The temperature here has dropped into the 60s and lower-70s, which is PERFECT in my book. The leaves on our tulip poplars are starting to fall, but the…