Best Dairy Doe in Show at the 2018 Albion Fair!

This was our third year showing our goats at the Albion Fair. It turned out to be a year of ups and downs. We had some great wins with our goats, but also ended up being sick and missing half of fair week, which was hugely disappointing.

Ben helping Kelly milk her goats
Ben helping Kelly milk her goats

4-H and FFA

Ben used his LaMancha, Misty, for the 4-H and FFA classes this year. He earned a second place ribbon for Junior Showmanship and a first place trophy for Junior Fitting with her!


Last year, we swept the LaMancha classes simply because we were the only ones exhibiting the breed. This year, there were several other lovely LaManchas in the show, and several of them were in milk, unlike our girls, which made for some stiff competition.

In the class for 2 years old and under 3, our Toadsknoll Black Merlin (“Misty”) took second place, and Toadsknoll Prairie Falcon (“Luna”) took third. In the class for 5 months old and under 1 year, our Doggie Days JB Daisy Mae (“Daisy”) also took third.

Sundaze Farm Maizey winning Best Dairy Doe in Show
Sundaze Farm Maizey winning Best Dairy Doe in Show

Nigerian Dwarfs

We did much better with our Nigerian Dwarfs this year than with our LaManchas, partly due to very few Nigerians being entered. Candy, Maizey, Cookie, and Memphis (Ben’s little wether) all won blue ribbons in their age classes.

Maizey went on to win Junior Champion and Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf, and then shocked us all and took Best Dairy Doe in Show overall!

Sundaze Farm Maizey, Best Dairy Doe in Show 2018
Sundaze Farm Maizey, Best Dairy Doe in Show 2018

Other Fun

Myles has been asking to have a pig for years. I don’t know much about pigs, and we don’t have the facilities to have one on our farm, but my cousin’s family raises them. They were kind enough to let Myles show one of their pigs in the Pee Wee show class, and he was SO proud of the trophy he got!

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  • Leigh

    Wow, congratulations on your wins! Beautiful little Nigie. Actually, all your goats are beautiful. Before I had Kinders I used to have Nigerian Dwarfs (and Nubians) and I really loved the Nigerian personality. So sorry you had to battle with sickness though. That takes the fun out of everything.