Ben at 4-H Round Up, 2017
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4-H Roundup and Counting Down to Fair Season

As summer approaches its end, the busy season for 4-H begins. Now is the time the kids are perfecting their project books, fitting their animals, and honing their showmanship skills. Fair season is almost upon us.

Ben and Myles practicing with their 4-H project goats

Ben has been practicing with Misty, his LaMancha. Myles has been working with little Maizey, our Nigerian Dwarf doeling born back on May 1st. Both boys are doing well. Misty is a much calmer goat overall than Ben’s project goat from last year, and she’s been much more receptive to him working with her. Maizey was bottle-raised and doesn’t really even know she is a goat and not a human, so she is content to follow Myles where ever he goes.

Ben at 4-H Round Up, 2017

On August 12th our group had their 4-H Roundup for 2017. Myles is still technically too young to participate (4-H Cloverbuds start at age 5), but Ben was able to show Misty. He did a wonderful job handling her, but unfortunately he didn’t bring home any trophies this year. I feel bad because it was partly my fault for clipping her with a size 4 blade instead of a size 10, and the judge said she would have preferred to see her clipped a little shorter. (#momguilt) Plus she’s a dry doe (she was too young to breed last fall) up against older does in milk, so it was an uphill battle. It’s all a learning experience, and we’ll get better year after year.

Ben at 4-H Round Up, 2017

Even if he didn’t bring home a trophy this time, he sure looked handsome and very professional! We were (and are) so very proud of him!

Myles at 4-H Round Up, 2017

All the kids earned ribbons for their project animals. Ben got his “Second Year” pin for 4-H too, and a certificate.

Even Myles got a certificate, a button, and a ribbon for his first year as an “unofficial” Cloverbud, too. He really loves being included with the big kids, and it was so kind of our 4-H leader to make sure he felt part of the group. I feel so lucky to be able to participate in a group with such wonderful people who have such big hearts.

Next up will be the Albion Fair, September 12-16th. Last year, fair week was exhausting but so much fun. I am looking forward to this year so much! Some people take a week off work to go somewhere tropical on vacation. Me? I take a week off to hang out in a fair barn with a bunch of goats and wonderful friends.

We’ll be showing 5 goats at the fair this year — two LaMancha does and three Nigerian Dwarfs in the open classes, plus Ben will be doing 4-H showmanship and fitting, and Myles will be doing pee-wee class with little Maizey. While other families are busy getting ready for back-to-school, we’ll be doing double-duty preparing for school AND the fair. It’s chaotic, but fun, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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